Last Resort (Pawlikowski, 2000)

Last Resort (Pawel Pawlikowski, 2000)

A tale of unselfish love told in about as realistic a way as possible. A man falls for a woman abandoned by her fiancé and stranded in the refugee camps of the UK. She is tender and sweet, but susceptible to letting her emotions cloud her judgment. He is aimless and bored, but also kind and smart. Their relationship evolves naturally as she seeks his guidance in an unfamiliar area. It sort of reminded me of a 20s or 30s love drama the way he takes her (and her son in this case) under his wing and is unable to elude her quiet charm. She is an extremely sympathetic character as (despite an unpredicted situation) she immediately accepts her circumstances and looks for a way to ensure she and her son are taken care of. Her intentions are good, but her decisions are often desperate. Seeing this, the man puts his feelings aside to save her from a free fall. Self-sacrifice is rarely as unforced and emotionally precise as it is here, and it leaves viewers wrestling the same hollow yet tranquil feelings that consume the characters in the film.  9/10


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