The Girl in the Café (Yates, 2005)

This review contains spoilers.

The Girl in the Café (David Yates, 2005)

At the end of the film, Kelly Macdonald’s character admits to being in prison for hurting a man who killed a child. When asked if it was her child, she responds, “Does it matter whose child?” To me, this exchange summed up what a failure of a movie this was. It’s the punctuation on what was not a movie about people, but a movie about a filmmaker’s ideals. When I watch a movie about two lonely individuals who happen upon each other and start an interesting, well-constructed romance, I want to know about these people. But when a character whose most prominent personality trait is shyness starts randomly and repeatedly shouting facts about how many poor people die in a day (at a G-8 Summit, directed towards world leaders), any respect for the character as a person is gone. It’s now all about the message. What a terrible waste of a good setup, and a disgusting use of the film medium.  3/10


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