Bombay Beach (Har’el, 2011)

Bombay Beach (Alma Har’el, 2011)

This is one of the most poetic, endearing documentaries I’ve seen in a long time. Often flawed, Har’el ultimately gives us a fragmented peek into the lives of three different people whose only commonality is where they reside. And, honestly, what may have been intended as a study of the impoverished ultimately ends up as an examination of love at all ages. A boy, a teenager, and an elderly man – all with a strong desire to be loved. Bits and pieces of each life are sown together as the patches of realism paint a much more authentic portrait of life and struggles and desires than any extended interview ever could. Har’el does get a bit carried away at times with her choreographed musical interludes and it’s obvious she had no idea how to end this film, but it’s a beautiful effort and exactly the kind of documentary I love.  8.75/10


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