Oscar Results – Rants & Raves

I don’t usually do this, but I had a few people ask if I would, so why not?

  • Best Cinematography – This was truly a sham. I haven’t seen Hugo, and while its cinematography might very well be fantastic, I’d be willing to bet a large sum of money it is not better than The Tree of Life (which I rank in my top 10 all-time most visually appealing films).
  • Best Actor – You know, truthfully Jean Dujardin’s performance was probably my favorite of the those nominated. Still think there were many better lead males performances overall, but at least they picked the right one out of the choices given.
  • Best Actress – I haven’t seen The Iron Lady, but the clip they showed last night was cringe-worthy. Streep might have earned this on reputation. I knew Michelle Williams wouldn’t win, but she should have.
  • Best Supporting Actor – Kudos to Plummer. I didn’t realize this was his first so I’m glad to see this turn out the way it did.
  • Best Supporting Actress – No thoughts. Seems fine (considering what was nominated).
  • Best Director – Sure, give it to the one-hit-wonder instead of one of the three legends or the veteren pro. Give me a break.
  • Best Picture – Since I knew it was coming, I wasn’t upset. But everyone who knows me knows what my choice was.
  • Makeup – Yes, this is random. But I can’t believe The Iron Lady wins this award. On-screen aging? This has been done regularly since before Citizen Kane (I know that’s credited as being the first, but that’s a different argument). Either of the other two nominations were more deserving and I was baffled by this choice.

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