3rd Annual Chrisfilm Awards (2012)

Every year, to celebrate the Academy Awards, I come up with my personal list of nominations and winners. I didn’t get around to seeing many of the nominations (nor did I want to in many cases), so these awards are going to look quite a bit different than the ones you watch on Sunday. Hope you enjoy!

And so begins the 3rd Annual Chrisfilm Awards.


Best Supporting Actor:

Hunter McCracken, The Tree of Life

Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Mark Strong, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Kiefer Sutherland, Melancholia

And the winner is…

Viggo Mortensen, A Dangerous Method


Best Supporting Actress:

Jessica Chastain, The Tree of Life

Olivia Colman, Tyrannosaur

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Melancholia

Robin Wright, The Conspirator

And the winner is…

Jessica Chastain, Take Shelter


Best Cinematography:

Chris Blauvelt, Meek’s Cutoff

Manuel Alberto Claro, Melancholia

Alma Har’el, Bombay Beach

Newton Thomas Sigel, Drive

And the winner is…

Emmanuel Lubezki, The Tree of Life


Best Actress:

Brit Marling, Another Earth

Saoirse Ronan, Hanna

Tilda Swinton, We Need to Talk About Kevin

Michelle Williams, Meek’s Cutoff

And the winner is…

Michelle Williams, My Week With Marilyn


Best Actor:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 50/50

Ryan Gosling, Drive

Ewan McGregor, Beginners

Peter Mullan, Tyrannosaur

And the winner is…

Michael Shannon, Take Shelter


Best Director:

Terrence Malick, The Tree of Life

Nicolas Winding Refn, Drive

Lars Von Trier, Melancholia

Joe Wright, Hanna

And the winner is…

Kelly Reichardt, Meek’s Cutoff


Best Picture of 2011:

Another Earth

Bombay Beach




Meek’s Cutoff


Take Shelter


And the winner is…

The Tree of Life


3 Responses to “3rd Annual Chrisfilm Awards (2012)”

  1. WHAT?!?! Malick has again been robbed of a Best Director award!!!

    • Malick is the best director alive, but he made a a slight flaw in being a little over-ambitious while Reichardt made some key decisions in her film that took what could have been a good film and make it a fantastic film

  2. Just a few notes:

    1. Again, the Best Cinematography award was tough. I could have easily picked out 10 that deserved nominations.
    2. Michelle Williams owns the Chrisfilm award. In 3 years, 4 nominations and 2 wins. I wonder what she’ll bring us next year.
    3. Both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress were very strong this year. The women were dominant in 2012.

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