The Artist (Hazanavicius, 2011)

The Artist (Michel Hazanavicius, 2011)

I wanted to hate this movie – I really did. And one of the reasons I wanted to hate this still remains. *Gets on soap box.* Actual silent movies from the silent movie era are good. It infuriates me that this gets so much attention yet people won’t give films from the 1920s a chance. If this was made in the 1920s (which I realize the film’s timeline wouldn’t actually allow for), it would have been average at best. *Steps down from soap box.*

But I have to give major credit to the film team for making this movie actually feel like a genuine silent film. More often than not, I forgot I was watching something from 2011 as they did a great job with the costumes, mise-en-scéne, and textural styles to give the impression this was made 80+ years ago. And I’ll admit, it was kind of fun. I still think it’s extremely gimmicky and the hype is over-the-top, but the film’s central issue is an important one, and I hope that someday it’s tackled as a serious sound drama (as long as the right person does it).  7/10


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