Contraband (Kormákur, 2012)

Contraband (Baltasar Kormákur, 2012)

Yawn…I’ve seen this before, and I don’t even watch these kinds of movies normally. I can’t imagine how redundant this must have felt for an action movie aficionado. Many of the same tired clichés and plot holes that plague all other poorly written, plot driven heist movies are present here. The characters have zero layers, and as much as I hate gimmicky characters, someone with a tiny bit of personality would have at least been more interesting than what we got. Overall this would have teetered dangerously on the ‘worst movie I’ve seen in a long time’ edge if it wasn’t for a Michael Mann-esque opening with some decent nighttime shooting and an ambient soundtrack. Doesn’t last long, though, that’s for sure.  4.25/10


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