2012 Oscar Nominations

When it gets closer to the actual award ceremony, I will do my 3rd Annual Chrisfilm Awards (1st Annual found here 2nd Annual found here). But for now I want to briefly (and I mean very briefly) give my thoughts on this year’s nominations:

Best Picture:
Congrats to The Tree of Life for getting a nomination here! I was really sure this would get overlooked but I’m glad it didn’t because I haven’t seen any of the others. Should make for a fun 3rd Annual Chrisfilm Awards since I have a completely different list than the Academy.

Best Actor:
Seen zippo.

Best Actress:
Michelle Williams for My Week with Marilyn is an obvious choice but I’m still glad to see it. She’s the best actress working today. And though I’m not surprised, the Tilda Swinton snub is annoying (though I haven’t seen We Need to Talk About Kevin yet, so I guess I should reserve judgement).

Best Supporting Actor:
Albert Brooks was snubbed for his performance in Drive (which only received a pity nod in sound editing; nice work Academy).

Best Supporting Actress:
Don’t know much about these nominations

Best Director:

Best Cinematography:
The last of the The Tree of Life nods. Can it pull off the win? I honestly think it might. *fingers crossed*


One Response to “2012 Oscar Nominations”

  1. cid Gillispie Says:

    Chris, after seeing Albert Nobbs we would concur Janet McTeer deserves the honor for best supporting actress. I still feel The Artist will win BP for many factors, and the leading actor as well. Rooting for Michelle Williams…

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