Tyrannosaur (Considine, 2011)

Tyrannosaur (Paddy Considine, 2011)

Phew, this was a bleak and exhausting watch. I have to file this under the category of movies that I respect and admire for what they do, but won’t ever be able to re-watch because the content is too harsh. This was a bit more of a fulfilling watch than some others in the same boat because I appreciate Considine’s examination of real Christian faith (based on love), and the way we can affect those around us with it. The depth at which the characters are developed is outstanding. There are no clichés or agendas; each character is written as a person, with individual problems, fears, and doubts.

The film’s main relationship is started as a result of genuine, undeserved love given from a woman who, once we learn of her appalling situation, is clearly calling on her faith to make it through each day. Her authenticity is never in question, but also never more obvious when we see her lash out at God in frustration. You can’t feel abandoned by someone you don’t walk with. And while the ending is still vicious, and the man whose life she touched isn’t dramatically changed, there is an obvious sense of hope and change in both of their lives as their friendship continues, and I have to believe that God is healing them both.  8.25/10


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