The Spitfire Grill (Zlotoff, 1996)

The Spitfire Grill (Lee David Zlotoff, 1996)

A really well acted ‘Hallmark movie of the week’ film – that’s basically what this boils down to. Tragedy has befallen almost every character in this film, but only on rare occasion do we get to explore just how damaged that has left any of them. It was strange watching pros like Marcia Gay Harden and Ellen Burstyn, along with lesser known performers like Alison Elliott give great performances using such a sub-par screenplay. None of these characters are really given time with each other to form the bonds that we’re expected to believe they have. (Well, they do spend time together, but it’s mostly spent moving the plot as opposed to having real emotions and truths come forward.) Because of this, most of the moments meant to be tender and sympathetic come across as shallow. I will say that I do like a small-town drama, especially one set up north, so I have to give credit to the setting and the calmness it brought to the table especially considering the bleak events.  6.75/10


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