Glen and Randa (J. McBride, 1971)

This review contains spoilers.

Glen and Randa (Jim McBride, 1971)

Perhaps the most accurate of any post-apocalyptic movie I’ve ever seen, Glen and Randa follows a clueless teenage couple as they meander their way through a series of seemingly meaningless days. What I found most interesting about this film is just how ignorant McBride makes his two main characters. It makes complete sense, but it’s almost frightening to watch. After stumbling upon a television and being told that people used to watch it, Glen sits on a couch, staring at its blank screen, assuming he is doing what the people of the past did. This, coupled with endless babblings that sound like something you’d hear from 3-year olds, give the film an unsettling yet innocent vibe. A world with no education or social constructs can’t stop hormones though, and Randa finds herself pregnant. This sets up the heartbreaking conclusion as she dies during childbirth and Glen is left to raise his baby alone (well, with the help of an old hermit they had stumbled upon earlier). The always chatty teenage boy becomes sadly silent after losing his partner – a testament that in a world with no education or social constructs, you also can’t stop love.  8.5/10


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