Cold Weather (Katz, 2010)

Cold Wather (Aaron Katz, 2010)

After being very impressed with Katz’s first two films, and hearing this is his first go with a bigger budget/higher quality equipment, I’d been anxiously awaiting his latest film. Lofty expectations can often lead to disappointing results, though, and that is what happens here. Katz combines the realism of his first films with an underworld mystery/crime plot. On the one hand, it is refreshing to see a story like this that feels like it could actually be happening. If you would call this noir, I prefer it to the classic noir style (which tends to have a much more staged feel to it). But on the other hand, the playful style of these 20-somethings searching for their missing friend like they’re participating in some sort of game seems sort of contradictory to the serious events taking place. I like Katz’s effort – the film is beautifully shot and realistically portrayed (and meets almost all my criteria for a great movie) – but I just don’t think it works as well as he had hoped.  7.75/10


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