Secrets (Borzage, 1933)

Secrets (Frank Borzage, 1933)

Meh, one of the worst Borzage’s I’ve seen, and definitely the most plain. The tale follows a couple through three different time periods in their lives – their courtship, their move out west, and their life in politics. Really, the only one of three worth anything is the move out west. Here the two live on almost nothing, relying on hard work and love for each other (and their new baby). Mary Pickford shines in this section as she attempts to defend her house from a gang of thieves. There is heroism, tragedy, and a comforting sense of community during these events, and I would have had no problem had this section been expanded and made into an entire film. But, alas, the couple’s courtship included way to many uses of the word ‘wipper-snapper’ by Pickford’s father, and the life of politics has an unecessary love triangle dramatic arch, so neither of these two hold a candle to the great middle portion.  6.5/10


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