Source Code (D. Jones, 2011)

Source Code (Duncan Jones, 2011)

Jake Gyllenhaal awakes on a train, clueless as to how he got there, and we find ourselves amongst the same chaos and mystery as our protagonist. We quickly learn there are two mysteries at hand: a) How can Gyllenhaal’s character complete his mission on the train? and b) How did he get involved in this mission without knowing it? I found myself more intrigued by the confusion and anguish of our protagonist as he hunted for answers about his own story than about his mission, and that is not accidental. Jones echoes what he does in Moon by focusing more on the person than the science fiction that surrounds him. The pace and the concept, however, don’t allow this one as much resonance or poignant humanism as the former. The end result is something more emotionally involving than you might expect from this type of movie, but with a somewhat monotonous and entirely too quickly paced execution/story.  6.5/10


2 Responses to “Source Code (D. Jones, 2011)”

  1. Interesting review. I enjoyed it more than you.

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