My Winnipeg (Maddin, 2007)

My Winnipeg (Guy Maddin, 2007)

I’ve never seen anything from Guy Maddin, though he’s always been a point of interest for me. Finally, I decided to jump in to his filmography. Though this is actually one of his most recent works I thought it would be a good place to start since it is an autobiographical look at his childhood and the town he grew up in. I figured, why not get to know the man before immersing myself in his work. While I have no idea if this is representative of his filmmaking style, I found this piece to be extremely interesting. Edited and narrated in a rhythmic, almost ‘poetry corner’ sort of way sets a tone that matches the setting’s cold, snowy, sleepy atmosphere. Maddin truly brings to life the feel of his city, and the connection that occurs for the viewer enhances the many wild tales that follow. Both the history of the city and key moments in Maddin’s childhood are hilarious, poignant, and unlike anything I’ve ever seen (though somehow still strangely relatable). I give him much kudos and look forward to seeing more.  8.75/10


4 Responses to “My Winnipeg (Maddin, 2007)”

  1. Yay! You watched it! You’re right — it has a peculiar sense of “relatableness.” It is a good starting place — his other work is even more bizarre. I suggest Brand Upon the Brain! A difficult watch but worth discussing afterwards. I look forward to more Guy Maddin reviews!

    • chrisfilm Says:

      What should I see next?

      By the way, are you having any issues with linking in your posts. I haven’t been able to since yesterday.

    • chrisfilm Says:

      Sorry, what should I see next after Brand Upon the Brain!?

      • Hmm, I’ve not noticed any issues….

        Hmm, if you want to stay in the realm of his feature films I suggest his first, Tales from Gimli Hospital — again, very Madden but early Madden so somewhat less haphazard — although, the “plot” makes little logical sense. Archangel is also darn good….

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