A Perfect World (Eastwood, 1993)

A Perfect World (Clint Eastwood, 1993)

It’s films like these that keep me coming back to Eastwood’s filmography despite the man having several duds. A Perfect World goes on the road following an escaped convict and the 8-year old boy he has taken hostage. Kevin Costner plays the convict is what is easily my favorite performance from him – a richly written and developed character. He almost instantly attaches to the boy, sharing tender moments with him while also obliviously engaging in adult-ish conversations that end up being oddly charming. When the boy peeps through a door to see Costner’s character intimate with a waitress he’s just met, the boy later states that he saw him kiss her butt, and asks if he loves her to which Costner replies, ‘Yes, I love her. I kissed her butt, didn’t I?’, leading to a sweet roar of giggles. These scenes in addition to the scary penultimate scene where we are reminded that Costner’s character is not a hero, regardless of how much we want him to be (don’t want to spoil this scene with details), are absolutely amazing.

Unfortunately, to accompany is the storyline of the Texas Rangers on the chase for the convict. This set of characters is completely underwhelming in comparison to the first. I found myself mostly disinterested and at times almost insulted by use of this group to psychoanalyze Costner’s character. Maybe the whole point was that you can’t use textbooks to really know a man, but even if it was, it was unnecessary. Regardless, there is too much greatness to ignore, and this was a very worthwhile watch.  8.5/10


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