The Adjustment Bureau (Nolfi, 2011)

The Adjustment Bureau (George Nolfi, 2011)

The Adjustment Bureau desperately wants to combine sci-fi and love, but Nolfi doesn’t have a grasp on how to make a successful love story. Talking for five minutes, and lunging at each other for a ridiculous make out session that leads to a pathetic 3-year pursuit of someone you have met twice does not equal a good love story. I understand the appeal to fighting the powers that be for love, but it has been done so much better so many times. Heck, see Michael Winterbottom’s Code 46 for a mix of sci-fi and romance that is superior in every way. If I do look at this from purely a sci-fi standpoint, though, it’s not terrible. It is intriguing and unique enough, but I would wager that is more a credit to Philip K. Dick than it is to anyone involved in the film. But, hey, putting a short story to film requires a lot of work, so I should probably give the filmmaker some recognition. He at least was smart enough to hire John Toll as cinematographer which led to it being an above average looking film. I’ll give it that at least.  5.25/10


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