Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Herzog, 2010)

Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Werner Herzog, 2010)

Cave of Forgotten Dreams is the first movie I have voluntarily viewed in 3-D. For anyone who knows anything about Werner Herzog, you’ll understand why I had to see what this guy was up to making a 3-D documentary. He’s so eccentric and unpredictable that I figured this would be some type of out-of-control, bizarre 3-D experience. Instead, it really was just a Herzog doc that just happened to be in 3-D.

The subject matter at hand is the ancient drawings found in caves in France – the oldest known artwork in the world. It’s an interesting topic, no doubt, but quite honestly the people involved in this project – those who happened to be the documentaries” main subjects – were a little too normal for Herzog. We actually learn too much about something, whereas I was excited to learn too much about nothing (as I’ve come to expect from this man). We are still treated to typical Herzog technical features such as an operatic score and beautiful moments of camera lingering for image intake, but overall this is a much calmer piece from the man. It’s not bad, just slightly less unique.¬† 7.25/10


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