The Green Hornet (Gondry, 2011)

The Green Hornet (Michel Gondry, 2011)

While I knew Seth Rogen was in this movie, I didn’t know he had the level of involvement he did until after I was well underway in my viewing. It’s probably for the better, though, because I don’t usually care for his style of humor. As it turns out, I do like his style of humor when it stays at the PG-13 level. When it’s less crude, it forces the humor to be more clever and much more enjoyable. The ridiculous plotline of a slacker with no real redeeming qualities teaming up with a magical martial arts sidekick (who also happens to be the best mechanic on the planet) to ‘fight crime’ is so unbelievable that it’s awesome. Not being a fan of the super hero genre, I enjoyed watching this parody at work. It was clever, funny, and very enjoyable.  7.5/10


One Response to “The Green Hornet (Gondry, 2011)”

  1. I’m surprised that you liked it this much! It was entertaining for sure, it is kind of hilarious to see you describe this movie as ‘awesome’.

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