Atlas Shrugged: Part I (Johansson, 2011)

Atlas Shrugged: Part I (Paul Johansson, 2011)

Let me start by saying no matter what my political views, I really dis-like propaganda from either side in films – and that’s what we have here. I don’t know anything about the book, but the film takes what could have been a somewhat interesting premise and pollutes it with random conservative one-liners. Yeah, I might agree with some of the statements made, but they were so misplaced and forced that I literally cringed every time they happened.

From an entertainment standpoint, it’s not any better. The acting is awful and the script (even outside of the politics) is putrid. (The line ‘Where’s the man I used to love’ is actually used in a conversation between ex-lovers.) There’s some pretty shots of Colorado and that’s all the credit I’m giving this.  Even though it ended on a complete cliff-hanger, I have zero desire to see Part II.  2.75/10


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