The Curse of the Cat People (Wise, Fritsch, 1944)

The Curse of the Cat People (Robert Wise & Gunther von Fritsch, 1944)

This could have been really good – probably as good as Cat People. In fact, as much as I enjoyed the way Cat People was filmed, I think I liked this visual feast even better. As a film about childhood loneliness, this works well. The parallels between the young girl, Amy, and the creepy middle-aged woman whose mother thinks she’s an imposter brought an interesting psychological level to the film without hitting viewers over the head with cliché psychoanalysis.

Unfortunately, where it is flawed, is in the fact that it’s a sequel to Cat People. As a standalone movie, it would have worked much better (though I don’t think even then I would have cared for the conclusion). But in bringing over the theme of jealousy, this is a failure. It’s too bad because it was setting itself up for a hauntingly tragic ending. I was ready and willing to love this, but it flops too hard to completely forgive.  7.25/10


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