I Walked with a Zombie (Tourneur, 1943)

I Walked with a Zombie (Jacques Tourneur, 1943)

So, not as creepy or off-the-wall odd as I was expecting. Yes, there is a zombie woman, and yes there is voodoo, but it’s still all very tame in its approach. The film is also too short to really delve into the voodoo underworld. It felt like Tourneur wanted to define a setting the way he successfully does in the westerns of his I’ve seen, but it seems almost every scene is cut short and there isn’t as much focus on atmosphere as there is story. There is still much to be liked, especially in the way the film is shot. Scenes set at night feature lines and shadows dominating the visual forefront almost illustrating the way the characters feel trapped in their situations. Granted, the main ‘love’ story between the man married to the zombie woman and the nurse, who can’t be together because of the circumstances, is very rushed and underdeveloped. But at least the cinematography does its best to help enhance it. Overall, I can dig this, but I really expected more.  7.5/10


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