Due Date (T. Phillips, 2010)

Due Date (Todd Phillips, 2010)

I thought this might be kind of fun, and it started out that way. But it doesn’t take long to nose dive and when it does there’s no looking back. Robert Downey Jr.’s pessemistic, short-tempered, and sarcastic character was infinitely more funny than Zach Galifianakis’ character, who was frustrating and obnoxious and felt like a very forced polar opposite of Downey. But the film took its worst turn when Phillips decided to reconcile these guys’ relationship and make them buddy buddy. And to make it worse, Downey warms up to Galifianakis at the strangest time – a moment after he performs a stunt akin to one he performed earlier in the film (where during the first incident Downey proceeded to chew him up one side and down the other). Overall, this is just a mess of a movie. 3.5/10


One Response to “Due Date (T. Phillips, 2010)”

  1. It did feel kind of all of the place, but I still thought it was a fun watch. Certainly wasn’t the worst movie we’ve ever watched together.

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