Night Nurse (Wellman, 1931)

Night Nurse (William A. Wellman, 1931)

Yes, I’m definitely on a Wellman kick right now, which is strange considering there have only been a few of his that I have loved. But, truth be told, time is tight and a lot of his movies are short. Sad criteria for choosing what movies to watch, eh?

Night Nurse is another solid, but not fantastic early Wellman effort. This is the earliest performance I’ve seen from Barbara Stanwyck, and it’s easy to see why she would become one of the greats later in her career. During a time when most of his films featured stilted performances, Stanwyck and Joan Blondell are both a breath of fresh air, giving the film a much more natural flow. Unfortunately, what I thought was going to be more of a character/friendship study of the two women turned out to be a conspiracy uncovering flick. This definitely didn’t ruin the movie, as it wasn’t over-the-top and still stayed within its characters’ natural tendencies. But nevertheless, since it caused Blondell’s character to be more or less thrown aside, it wasn’t the ideal direction.  7.5/10


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