No Such Thing (Hartley, 2001)

No Such Thing (Hal Hartley, 2001)

Wow, this was great. I had heard so much about Hal Hartley and having only seen one which I have been told is not a great representation of his work, I really didn’t know what to expect. This was extremely poetic; ethereal music floating behind these characters as they experience pain, heartache, and confusion. Despite the monster in this film (yes, there is a monster) being rather unlikable, he’s still a very sympathetic specimen and I felt his hurt right along side him. His bond with Sarah Polley’s character felt remarkably genuine without feeling the least bit trite. The film is full of a bunch of oddities which I’m sure are metaphors for something. At first I was intrigued to figure it all out, but then I just let the film progress as a strange but beautiful story and I found myself much more captivated. I’m sure there is much being ‘said’ here, but I don’t care.  9/10


2 Responses to “No Such Thing (Hartley, 2001)”

  1. Maybe I’ll try and watch the rest of this when I can stay awake! I actually didn’t mind the first part of it (although it was kind of strange).

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