The Switch (Gordon, Speck, 2010)

The Switch (Josh Gordon & Will Speck, 2010)

This was horrendously bad. When Josh Gordon and Will Speck teamed up for Blades of Glory, the results were a mess of insane, over-the-top hilarity. Unfortunately, they tried to go the more calm, caring, rom-com route with this one and whiffed. This reminded me of About a Boy but without any of the witty, sarcastic, Hugh Grant humor (which is really all that makes that movie any good). It is extremely formulaic and painstakingly shallow. In fact, it’s so set on sticking with its formula that when the end of the movie approaches and all must be resolved in a neat and tidy way, if you blink (or yawn as I did) you’ll completely miss the stage of forgiving the silly man who, of course, screwed up. There’s nothing to like here.  1.5/10


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