The A-Team (Carnahan, 2010)

The A-Team (Joe Carnahan, 2010)

I hope all my faithful readers aren’t expecting me to give some sort of deep insight on this film. There is no ‘four misfits come together to make a surprisingly sweet makeshift family’ line. And no ‘respectfully nostalgic and respectful to the original vision of the tv series’ line (haven’t actually ever seen an episode). Instead, I just want to say this was fun. Yeah, action isn’t my go-to genre, but it isn’t bad every once and a while to find something that isn’t ashamed to be what it is, and that is careful to have a plot that is fun to follow but not too complicated for its own good. It truly is a good mix of action and comedy.  6/10


One Response to “The A-Team (Carnahan, 2010)”

  1. I can accept this rating and review! I’m surprised that you gave it this high of a review though.

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