The Other Guys (McKay, 2010)

The Other Guys (Adam McKay, 2010)

There’s not much to this outside of just being a silly little comedy. But I laughed…a lot…during the first half of the film. Wahlberg and Ferrell’s over-the-top verbal exchanges and hilarious antics were just the right dose of obviously sarcastic hyperbole and strangely down-to-earth partnership comradery. I enjoyed the two. The second half of the film starts to wear thin rather quickly mostly as a result of the story following an overused plot pattern. (Cops are on to something, cops get taken off the case because ‘they’re chasing a dead end’, cops get back on case when it’s discovered they were right all along.) A slightly more creative turn of events might have held my interest a little better.  6.25/10


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