The American (Corbijn, 2010)

The American (Anton Corbijn, 2010)

The film begins at the end of Clooney’s character’s career as an assassin. He’s broken, tired, and detached. Circumstances place him (and the audience by default) in a small, quiet town in Italy where he works on one last project. Despite spending the entire time being hunted and succumbing to the paranoia of not being able to trust anyone around him, the film is extremely peaceful and quiet. The mood, tone, and pace are often hypnotic and such a strong focus of the film that it probably should have remained a film about a man and his surroundings. Some of his person to person interactions are purposefully shallow, and they work that way. But the attempt at a romantic relationship feels forced and also shallow (but this time as a result of poor writing, not as a tool to further his characterization). Still, a fine surprise and a good watch.  7.75/10


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