Fièvre (Delluc, 1921)

Fievre (Louis Delluc, 1921)

Delluc’s short film clocks in around 30 minutes, and that’s just too bad. This film’s biggest flaw is easily that it is too short. Delluc begins with a quiet group of locals in a bar, setting the tone for a normal afternoon. Several quick shots of the local harbor and a docking boat are edited in to begin to merge a new group of people with the regulars. Sailors enter the bar, mix with the local women, and a wild time ensues. Through it all, the young bartender recognizes a man she once knew, and by the use of flashbacks, gives the film a sort of lost love/memory feel to it. But, as I’ve said, there is just not enough running time to do the content justice. In fact, because the intertitles are missing (as we learn before the film starts), I’m not even quite sure I’m actually correct in my assessment of the film’s happenings. But, still, what is there is solid enough for me to have found it well worth my time.  7/10


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