Hangman’s House (Ford, 1928)

Hangman’s House (John Ford, 1928)

I figured my streak of being blown away by almost every silent film I watched would come to an end eventually, but I didn’t know it would happen twice in one night. First, I watched this early John Ford film. It’s not bad, but it is a bit bland and forgettable. On the one hand, it’s set in Ireland in a beautiful Irish countryside town. Bits and pieces are filmed quite well and the setting is able to really come to life. But a lot of it is filmed in a fake-looking castle of a house with a slight lack of creativity in the shot composition.

Additionally, and more obvious to me after recently seeing The Shopworn Angel, the whole ‘woman split between two men – one a saint, one a devil’ storyline is kind of annoying. It makes for a spoon-fed viewing experience with little to contemplate afterwards. Luckily, with Hangman’s House, there’s a side plot of a mysterious, wanted man trying to track down the evil of the two men, and that section of the film is intriguing.  6.5/10


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