Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World (E. Wright, 2010)

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World (Edgar Wright, 2010)

This is an odd duck. I had seen the trailers, and knew this would be a different sort of film, but I’m not sure I was expecting such a wild adventure. As an illustration of the hyperactive, fast-paced world of the average teen/20-something, this film succeeds. Edited in a way where the conversations happen as if no break has occurred while the physical setting jumps from place to place, we see the way the young mind works, always chewing on things, having them stick with you and become important at random times in the future. This film is also often funny. I think I’d need to see it again to catch everything, as I noticed some jokes are so quick and subtle that they could easily slip through the cracks.

But I couldn’t help but get bored by the time this is wrapped up. We learn early on that Scott will have to fight his gal’s seven exes, and after battling three of them, I started to grow weary knowing there were still four left. The fight scenes are fun, and definitely don’t take themselves too seriously, but they could have been cut down in length, and perhaps more time spent on keeping some of the side characters from turning into clichés. It’s a solid effort, but no masterpiece.  7.25/10


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