127 Hours (Boyle, 2010)

127 Hours (Danny Boyle, 2010)

Whatever kind of talents Danny Boyle might have had in the past have all seemed to evaporate at this point. I was willing to give him a mulligan for Slumdog Millionaire, but unfortunately this next project isn’t any better. As with Slumdog, there are a lot of fine qualities seeping through here, but not enough to cover massive downfalls. The cinematography itself is a strength. Sure, there’s a heck of a lot of great landscape to shoot, which might make it seem easy, but there are also several interesting point-of-view shots, creative manipulation of light, and a bold use of color. What drove me crazy, though, was the awful editing. It’s really hard to enjoy the quality cinematography when Boyle is busy splitting the screen, cutting shots too quickly, and using a hyperactive CSI-esque pan technique.

Additionally, while the film is getting known for its gruesome ‘escape’ scene, the film is mostly annoyingly safe. What could have been an awkward, hard-to-watch depiction of a man losing his mind and coming to terms with his inevitable death was light-hearted at all the wrong times, and surprising sentimental. Franco does everything he can with the material – his performance accurately portrays the situation and even breaks through Boyle’s coy depiction of the material at times. But overall, Boyle triumphs, and viewers are left mostly detached from the experience.  5.5/10


3 Responses to “127 Hours (Boyle, 2010)”

  1. Going against the hype trend… Yeah, this looks terrible, I can’t believe it has such a high imdb rating…

    • chrisfilm Says:

      I didn’t know much at all going into it beside who directed it. I’m sure it will be up for all sorts of Oscars – seems like the kind of stuff the Academy looks for these days.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with this review. I HATED the editing, especially in the beginning when everytime he took a picture the movie ‘clicked’ and then did a freeze frame…how cheesy.

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