Robin Hood (Reitherman, 1973)

I was born and raised a Disney child and I never have grown out of it. Despite this, it has been a while since I’ve seen almost all of the classic animated Disney movies I grew up with. So I have decided I want to watch them all again – in order of release. When I finish, I will rank them all, and hand out my number scores from there.

Robin Hood (Wolfgang Reitherman, 1973)

This is no doubt one of the weaker Disney efforts. Despite nearly all the films up to this point being under 90 minutes, this is the first that really felt like it was too short. We jump from event to event as if everything is already scheduled and someone is behind the scenes, checking his watch, making sure we make it to the next part on time. All the subtle nuances that make the great ones great are absent, the animation is average, and other than Robin Hood and Maid Marian’s quick dance through the forest, nothing else evokes much feeling (unless completely hyperbolic tyranny tugs at your heart strings). Ah well, on to the next one.  6.25/10


2 Responses to “Robin Hood (Reitherman, 1973)”

  1. This one has always been one of my favorites, though i havent seen it in years.

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