Best of… Series – 1938 – The Shopworn Angel

The Shopworn Angel (H.C. Potter, 1938)

The Shopworn Angel is charming, funny, and remarkably un-cliched. A wealthy actress and a country-boy soldier happen upon each other by accident. He instantly falls for her, boldly telling his buddies she is his gal. When they call him out on it, he is forced to convince this woman to pretend to be his sweetheart. James Stewart effortlessly portray a country boy persona and there are several chuckles along the way, none of which feel forced or included just for the sake of being funny.

As expected, the two’s relationship molds into a sweet whimsical romance. However, on the side is the actress’s other boyfriend. And though it’s impossible not to like Stewart’s character, the other boyfriend isn’t unlikable either. Where most love triangle movies pit a good guy versus a bad guy, this one doesn’t limit itself to that. To top it all off, even the actress is a sympathetic character despite her stringing along two men. She is very obviously confused, and tries to rationalize her actions in several different ways, when she is nothing more than torn between two very different men, both of whom fit well into her life.  9.5/10


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