The Exploding Girl (B. Gray, 2009)

The Exploding Girl (Bradley Rust Gray, 2009)

Companionship is the key subject in Bradley Rust Gray’s minimalistic, 20-something, slice-of-life film. There is a lot of heartbreak and a lot of love, but what gives the film its most poignant touches are the two main characters and their friendship/romantic spark. Despite both having very obvious crushes on one another, they aren’t afraid to talk about other love interests or spend evenings apart from each other. They are also truly supportive of each other, whether it be taking a liking to the other’s obscure interest or being there in times of physical pain (in this case, a seizure).

The film does teeter close to feeling slightly unmemorable, but much of the last 20 minutes does wonders for the film’s emotional resonance. It also doesn’t hurt that this nearly matches my ideal aesthetic and atmospheric experience. Had Gray thrown in a bit more poetic music, I would have been all over this more than I already was.  8.75/10


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