Triage (Tanovic, 2009)

Triage (Danis Tanovic, 2009)

Beh, I felt like this could have been solid if it didn’t feel the need to psychoanalyze the main character. What we have is a film about a war photo journalist who is readjusting to life back home after experiencing some sort of mysterious, life-changing event. Colin Farrell does a good job portraying suppressed fear and confusion, as he tries to deal with what he knows but doesn’t want to share.

Disappointingly, about an hour in we are introduced to a character whose sole purpose is to get Farrell’s character to reveal his inner demons and solve this mystery for us. Frankly, leaving it a mystery would have been fine. And if it had to be revealed, surely there was a better way – some sort of self revelation maybe. The story and screenplay felt very amateurish, and it’s obvious this director had something ‘important’ to say and nothing would stop him.  5.25/10


One Response to “Triage (Tanovic, 2009)”

  1. This is a shame — I loved his film No Man’s Land…. He hasn’t made anything worthwhile since then apparently…

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