Top 10 Most Anticipated Films

Here’s a little curveball. Though most of 2010 has been rather disappointing as far as new movies are concerned, this fall/winter looks to be the start of a solid movie season. So I’ve decided to give you all a sneak peek on my most anticipated films (with hope, of course, that you all will see them too!).

Outside of my top two, most of these should be out in the US by the end of the year, or early 2011. So, while there are other films I’m more excited for, these are the ones that are going to be upon us soonest.

1. The Tree of Life (Terrence Malick)
Yeah, I’m living in a dream that this will actually be out at the beginning of 2011, because it will probably be fall of 2011. But this has been my most anticipated for years, and it will be until I see it because, well, there is no one else like Terrence Malick.

2. Meek’s Cutoff (Kelly Reichardt)
The director of Wendy and Lucy and Old Joy is doing a western! Her style coupled with the western genre is bound to be fantastic. This has opened at festivals, but has no wide release date yet.

3. True Grit (Coen Brothers)
This is the kind of movie the Coen brothers need to be making. Another modern western that looks great. Coens regular, Roger Deakins, is shooting the film, and the trailer looks beautiful. Out on Christmas.

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (David Yates)
Yup, I’m a Potter fan, and I can’t wait for this! Out November 19.

5. Somewhere (Sofia Coppola)
This looks like it could be as good or better than Lost in Translation. Limited release December 22.

6. Never Let Me Go (Mark Romanek)
This could be really good, or really bad. But I’ve heard (likely false) comparisons to Malick, so I’ll see it. Opens at the Tivoli here in KC on October 8!

7. The Way Back (Peter Weir)
Peter Weir’s movies got worse and worse as they went, but I have been hearing buzz this one might be as good as his first Australian movies. We’ll see. Should be out early 2011.

8. Blue Valentine (Derek Cianfrance)
Honestly, I can’t remember where I heard about this. But Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams might be the best actor and actress working today. And this looks like my kind of aesthetic experience. Supposed to get limited release by the end of the year.

9. Hereafter (Clint Eastwood)
Clint is hit or miss, but I’m still excited to see this. It’s probably the most well known film on this list besides Harry Potter. Should come out to theaters everywhere October 22.

10. It’s Kind of a Funny Story (Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden)
This is on my list purely because of the directors. These two are responsible for Half Nelson and Sugar. While this doesn’t look as good as those two, I have confidence it’s going to be different than I expect. Also opens at the Tivoli on October 8.


4 Responses to “Top 10 Most Anticipated Films”

  1. I’ll tell ya, even though it is the Coen Brothers, I have reservations about a remake of True Grit. I think the original is pretty darn good. Though I guess they could get something new from the movie by staying closer to the book… We’ll see how it turns out! *cryptic wink*

    • I haven’t seen the original, but I have no doubts this will be awesome. Apparently the Coens were very faithful in their adaptation of No Country for Old Men, so this might be the same?

  2. i first saw Michelle Wiliams as an extra on the movie Species and i like her already at her very young age `

  3. the nose of michelle williams is so adorable, i would really love to have a nose like that `*.

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