Alice in Wonderland (Geronimi, Jackson, Luske, 1951)

I was born and raised a Disney child and I never have grown out of it. Despite this, it has been a while since I’ve seen almost all of the classic animated Disney movies I grew up with. So I have decided I want to watch them all again – in order of release. When I finish, I will rank them all, and hand out my number scores from there.

Alice in Wonderland (Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, & Hamilton Luske, 1951)

This has always been one my favorite Disney movies, mostly because it’s unlike any of the others. While there is definitely a point A to point B story that’s easy to follow, it never actually makes complete sense along the way. And though this is obviously based on famous source material, I still think it was a bold choice to tell a story that isn’t really a story, where nothing really matters. In fact, I read that this was not a success upon initial release (and only became so in the 60s). My guess is those who knew and loved all the Disney films up to this point were somewhat shocked at the nonsensical style of Alice in Wonderland. I enjoy watching Alice stumble around in her own dream, trying to reason with characters she created in her mind. I like how scenes transition into each other in a way only dreams can. (Alice’s tears morph into a literal ocean.) The film does a great job of combining dream and reality using subtle, yet spot-on details. I’m sure Christopher Nolan thought he was the first to do this on the big screen, but he was already beat to the punch. 🙂  8.25/10


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