Love, Money, Love (Gröning, 2000)

Love, Money, Love (Philip Gröning, 2000)

To call this an emotional rollercoaster might be the understatement of the year. This film about young lovers begins with Marie – a ‘lady of the night’ – meeting David, and the two finding a connection in each other’s loneliness. The two hit the road together, fall in love, and the whole way are accompanied by fantastic cinematography and music – pretty much meeting my highest expectations when it comes to a film’s mood and atmosphere. The highs and lows of their relationship, while often painful to watch (especially thanks to Sabine Timoteo’s scary, realistic portrayal of a series of emotional breakdowns) are a central key to the film, and help pave the way to a mini-salvation for this couple.

There is no doubt there are sections of this film that are hard to watch. The entire middle portion of the film (the Money section) abandons the poetic tone of the film’s Love sections and really throws these characters about as low as they can go. But all it does is enhance what I found to be an extremely powerful third act. There’s a lot to like here.  9.25/10


3 Responses to “Love, Money, Love (Gröning, 2000)”

  1. You seem to be in the minority 😉 i.e. the imdb rating….

    Sounds interesting — although, I find intensely emotional movies hard to sit through (and yes, that’s the point).

    I FINALLY got around to reviewing Resnais’ Muriel, or The Time of Return (1963) if you’re curious.

    • Yeah, that IMDb rating is ridiculous. Though I knew from Groning’s Into Great Silence that this wouldn’t be bad. Just didn’t expect it to be so intense.

  2. I don’t think I’ve EVER disagreed SO drastically with a rating — haha

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