Space Cowboys (Eastwood, 2000)

Space Cowboys (Clint Eastwood, 2000)

I think many out there consider this one of Eastwood’s worst. And I can’t really blame them. I can fully see how this is not very good. First, it requires so much suspension of disbelief, it makes you wonder if anyone even close to expert on space travel worked with this film. Second, the rah-rah and sacrificial spirit of the last 30 minutes causes a lot of eye-rolling. And, yes, despite my love for Clint, Donald Sutherland, and even Tommy Lee Jones, the ‘old people rock’ message wore a little thin by the end.

But, viewing this movie only as a comedy, I couldn’t help but kind of like it. Any scene watching Sutherland’s character hit on random women half his age is gold. And, of course, Clint is at his best when he’s almost getting into a bar fight with a huge dude named Tiny. There are several moments in the film shared between the main characters that felt genuine, and the strength of the actors involved made these moments feel as if they were held between real friends. So, no, this is not great, but I felt there was enough here to make it worth a watch. If nothing else, I couldn’t help but think of Grumpy Old Men set in space.  6/10


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