The Wolfman (J. Johnston, 2010)

The Wolfman (Joe Johnston, 2010)

First chance I got after finishing this movie, I did a little research on the cinematography. I was surprised to find that there is almost no talk of it anywhere. Granted, I watched this on a very small tv, but from what I could tell, there is almost no artificial light used. (Well, I’m sure there are CG effects used, but it’s supposed to look like there is no artificial light used.) There are many scenes lit only by the moon, or on-set candles. Much of the film is dark and difficult to see, but it does a fantastic job of creating a setting and a mood (even if both are somewhat contrived). Really, the cinematography created an interest for me that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.

And the reason I had little interest in this is for the exact reasons this film suffers. First, the screenplay is just a little better than horrid. Ridiculous conversations between characters and the cliché way the last 30 minutes of the plot unfolds hinder what is an otherwise entertaining story. There are also several silly characters such as the asylum doctor with a worse German accent than I’ve heard in high school plays, and the detective whose presence is almost completely unnecessary. There is just too much wrong in this film for me to declare this some type of accidental triumph.  6.25/10


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