Big Fan (Siegel, 2009)

Big Fan (Robert D. Siegel, 2009)

Big Fan is a dark comedic look at a group of people I consider myself a part of – the sports fanatic. When Paul, a New York Giants fan, is beat up by his favorite football player, he has to decide between putting the man in jail or watching his team win. It’s an interesting conundrum, and an exaggerated version of whether we, as common fans, would rather win with people who do bad things, or lose with people who are good citizens. Big Fan, however, takes most of its time examining the pathetic life of its protagonist. In fact, it becomes a little overdone after a while. Siegel really starts to beat it over our heads that this guys is a loser, even though it’s pretty easy to decipher. When the whole world starts to discover what kind of life he leads, though, he takes matters into his own hands resulting in a hilarious finale that’s so absurd it has to be purposeful. And it works.  7.25/10


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