The Book of Eli (Hughes, 2010)

The Book of Eli (Albert & Allen Hughes, 2010)

Yeah, I kind of like post-apocalyptic movies. Even when they aren’t great, I find myself wrapped up in a world where everything we know is decaying away – where the things we all know so well are becoming nothing more than ancient ruins. I like the images of the Earth taking back everything we put on top of it. Anyway, this movie has a lot going against it. Our protagonist, Eli, is nothing more than a silent action hero with the world moving in slow motion around him. He possesses no real human qualities except the cliche of being the one bleeding heart in a world where everyone is looking out for themselves.

Also, the film’s final twist is laughable. I don’t plan to see this movie twice, but from everything I remember, there is no way what we learn in the twist could possibly have been true. I think the Hughes brothers wanted something out of left-field and they only did a half-hearted job of making it work. But, despite all these flaws, I still found myself involved in the movie. The film begins with a mysterious essence, and is followed by quiet yet firm spiritual progression and the whole thing captivated me.  6/10


4 Responses to “The Book of Eli (Hughes, 2010)”

  1. I really liked this film, a lot more than I think most people did. I think there is a real irresistibility to Washington’s performance, and I think The Hughes Brothers have an eye for some above-average action set pieces. I also think this film has actual ideas it wants to convey, rather than simply being an entertaining popcorn flick.

  2. This film is fun, but it could have been so much better. And it sucks that they don’t give much to have Denzel play around with, until the last act.

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