Americana (D. Carradine, 1983)

Americana (David Carradine, 1983)

A man strolls into Drury, Kansas in 1973 where he makes a small purchase in the local convenience store. The store owner offers to pay him five dollars to work on his roof. With the sun setting at the top of the tree-filled horizon, the man talks briefly with the store owner about the job, then wanders across the street to a run-down, weed-infested merry-go-round. From here the man can think of nothing other than restoring what was once beautiful.

Carradine himself plays the man who spends day after day working on this abandoned merry-go-round. The film really focuses on his involvement (and lack thereof) with the town and its people. Despite being there for an extended time, he never seems to be close to anyone besides the man who employs him at the local gas station (and a scuffle ends that friendship). There is also a local girl who takes an interest in him, though I’m not sure they ever speak to each other, and her addition seemed awkward and forced. I suppose Carradine’s approach is an interesting take on the whole ‘stranger comes to town’ storyline, though I’m not sure it works entirely. Still, there’s too much small-town atmosphere, and too many honest performances not to like this one.  8.25/10


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