The Bounty Hunter (Tennant, 2010)

The Bounty Hunter (Andy Tennant, 2010)

It saddens me that I have to follow up my favorite 20 movies with this ‘review’, which will be very informal, by the way.

Well, at least it was better than Couples Retreat. The humor was just not there with this movie. Not that I really expected it to be, but I figured I’d laugh at least a few times. But nadda. The only saving grace is that there is something that resembles a plot to distract from the terrible on-screen presence of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, who were awful together. So at least while they were driving around making my head hurt, it was because of some conspiracy crime thing instead of just for me to listen to them whine about their pasts.  2.75/10


2 Responses to “The Bounty Hunter (Tennant, 2010)”

  1. I’d almost have to agree with you on this one. Unfortunately, I bought the movie w/o first seeing it, as I am a Gerard Butler fan … and, yes, even a Rachel Green, um, Jennifer Aniston, fan. You are absolutely correct that these two had ZERO chemistry togehter on screen, and the plot was incredibly weak and oh-too-convenient. I probably would have given the film a 4 based upon the cast alone – I love the woman who played Aniston’s mother, and thought she brought the only real comedy to the film.

    • chrisfilm Says:

      I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen Butler in anything else. But, yes, Aniston will always be Rachel, no matter what she does.

      Sorry you blind bought this one. Maybe you can sell it on Ebay. 🙂

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