Heat (M. Mann, 1995)

Heat (Michael Mann, 1995)

And so it was, Michael Mann’s most popular movie became my least favorite. First, let me say that Mann and director of photography Dante Spinotti are still shooting nighttime beautifully. As in pretty much every Mann film I’ve seen, night always seems to feel inviting and poetic, even when people are being pursued, and violence is being applied. But overall, this was way too much of a generic crime/cop drama. Almost every move Mann makes is predictable. Even when opportunities arose where I thought, ‘Ah ha, this is where Mann makes this movie his’, it ends up going down the same old tired path. There are conveniences and annoyances littered throughout, and it goes on for entirely too long. Fortunately, there’s still some interesting relationship stuff happening here as several of the main cast are dealing with different major situations with their respective significant others.  That, plus the great cinematography help make this a good film.  7/10


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