Youth in Revolt (Artet, 2009)

Youth in Revolt (Miguel Artet, 2009)

When this movie finished, I thought to myself, ‘You know, not bad’. There really isn’t much that stands out about this film, but also not a lot that detracts from it. Its humor doesn’t knock you to the floor, but there’s enough odd and unfortunate things happening to the Michael Cera’s character, you can’t help but smile and chuckle as he rolls with the punches. I also liked his relationship with his father, played by the always-reliable Steve Buscemi. Their time together in the film is limited, and it’s too bad because they work well together. (Sure was better than the ridiculous situation with his mom.)

The film does feature the teenage leads doing a lot of name-dropping, which is usually used for extra hip-ness. But it didn’t bother me in this film. First, it’s not used a ton. Second, the fact that the protagonist name-drops incorrectly makes it feel like he is name-dropping not because the director thinks it’s hip, but because the character does. So, yeah, not insultingly quirky, but a little too cartoony at times.  6.25/10


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