Last Chants For a Slow Dance (Jost, 1977)

This review contains spoilers.

Last Chants For a Slow Dance (Jon Jost, 1977)

I’d like to think that every human being has at least one redeeming quality. No matter how seemingly disturbed, hardened, or lost, I believe everyone has a some sort of moral compass if you dig deep enough. With Last Chants For a Slow Dance, Jost has brought fear into my heart that maybe there are some people who don’t. Moreso than any serial killer movie, Jost has brought to life a loser with no care or feelings for anyone but himself. Tom (the film’s main character) might be the most selfish character I have ever seen on film.

Never once does the film attempt to psychoanalyze his motives or his behavior. His actions, as natural as they are, psychoanalyze themselves. Though Tom’s behavior is never physically violent, he is so disturbingly indifferent to the hurt he causes the people around him that it comes as no surprise when he kills the stranger at the end of the film for a few bucks. This truly feels like the most realistic movie about a killer I’ve seen. The fact that it’s kind of a road movie is a thumbs up as well. Though, all in all, I respect the quality of the film more than I actually liked it.  8.25/10


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  1. Hmmm…. I’ve never heard of Jon Jost….

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