Invictus (Eastwood, 2009)

Invictus (Clint Eastwood, 2009)

Really, this isn’t a very good movie and I think I’m about to give it too much credit because of my recent Eastwood kick. Overall, this is really nothing more than a cliché sports flick. There’s a lot of cheesy ‘inspired’ dialogue, a ‘beating all odds’ storyline, and even a bunch of horrid slo-mo towards the end of the final competition. Luckily, most of the cheesy dialogue comes from Mandela to the rugby team captain. It’s all prior to the competition (no big halftime or timeout speeches), and that helped keep the sports scenes feel less forced. Matt Damon, who plays the captain, is also good in his role. He portrays a subtle leader, well respected by everyone, but generally quiet, which is a big step away from the way leaders and captains are generally portrayed in movies similar to this. Other than Damon’s character, unfortunately, no other character felt like anything but a political statement or an extra. This is definitely not one of Eastwood’s best, and I’ll probably like it less when I come down from my Eastwood cloud.  5.75/10


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